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New and existing Porsche Club of WA members are invited to get involved in the sporting series. This series offers an excellent schedule of sporting events for those members wishing to improve their driving skills while competing against other members (by way of timed laps) and having a huge amount of fun in your Porsche! The series will consist of timed events at Barbagallo Raceway, Collie Motorplex and Perth Motorplex. The emphasis is on providing a controlled, supervised environment for members to have fun, learn and enjoy the spirit of friendly competition.

So why not get involved in our sporting series by getting your Porsche out on the track! There is no additional cost to enter the series, only the normal track day fees which are kept to a minimum. You will NOT be racing other cars directly. Every event is a speed event which means you will be racing the clock to try to get your best time for the day!

Even if you don't wish to join the full series, members are welcome to come along to any round and join in the fun on the track. All you need is the requisite safety equipment listed below.

The specific requirements for vehicles and drivers are defined by Motorsport Australia (formerly CAMS) and are available at It is important that each driver understands these requirements.
The Club has produced a short video to introduce you to the minimum requirements for you and your car to participate in a Sporting Event. Click here to watch the video.

 The key points to be aware of for the PCWA Sporting Series as per the Motorsport Australia Schedules are:

  1. Licence requirements: Level 2 Speed licence: click here to apply online.
  2. ASA Approved helmet that meets the Australian Standard AS1698 (other acceptable overseas standards are SFI24.1, SA2000, E22 & BS6658-85) these are available at motorbike or speed shops.
  3. Clothing needs to be wrist to neck to ankle, flammable synthetic material is not acceptable.  Cotton is recommended.
  4. Fire extinguisher fitted to your vehicle, NO new holes need to be drilled in your car, existing seat bolts are utilised and the frame & bottle can be easily removed when not needed.  Extinguisher needs to meet Australian Standard AS1841 and be 900g minimum capacity.  It needs to be firmly secured and must be not more than 3 years old.
  5. Visible tow points/hook(s) front and rear, where they are not visible, they need to be marked with the word “Tow”.  Stickers are available from race shops such as Go Gear for this.  Porsche tool kits have a tow hook which is acceptable
  6. Display a blue triangle (sides 150mm) indicating the location of the battery. Stickers are available from race shops such as Go Gear for this, alternatively electrical tape can be used to mark out a triangle.
  7. Glass headlights need to have an adhesive cover or tape fitted to prevent the spillage of glass onto the track.

Please download and fill in this PCWA Sports Series Vehicle Disclosure Form and return it to our sporting director ASAP prior to your first track event.

Here are 4 venues in Perth that offer expert fitting of Fire Extinguishers:

Prior to your first venture onto the track, you will be paired with one of the clubs more experienced drivers to provide you with some instructional laps so you know what to expect when you are released on your own.

For a list of upcoming sporting events please follow this link:

Upcoming Events