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Sports Series

You can download the results of our 2015 Sports series below: 

Times only for SSR9

Times only for SSR8

Progessive Points After SSR7

Note: As the points are very close this year the remaining 2 SS Rounds will NOT be made public until our Christmas party/awards night.  So we suggest you register for that to collect your winning trophy and find out who has won!

Class, Club and Outright Championship Results

  • Outright Champion went to Daniel Devries with Simon Line 2nd and Tim Wolfe 3rd.
  • Club Champion also went to Daniel with an unprecedented triple tie for 2nd place going to Tim Wolfe, Danial Bathe and Chris Westall and 3rd being Gary Jacobs!
  • Daniel also won his Class of Open Pre with Simon Line 2nd and David Blainey 3rd.
  • Class Open Post was won by John Paluch with Adrian Mosely 2nd and Allan Guelfi 3rd.
  • In GT Class congrats to Tim Wolfe in 1st place and to Ian Smith and Adrian Buri for 2nd and 3rd place.
  • Class A was a dead heat for 1st with nothing splitting Daniel Bathe and Gary Jacobs, 2nd goes to Luke O’Malley and 3rd going to Stuart Lister.
  • Class B was won by the flying Chris Westall with Gerry Williams just pipped in 2nd place and Brad Bird taking out 3rd.
  • Andy Tudor easily won class C followed by John Fowler and John Dumbill.
  • No surprises for who took out Class D with the evergreen Michael Broughton trouncing everyone to take out 1st place.
  • Rookie of the year for 2016 is Adrian Buri
  • Winner of the Spirit of the Series was Julie Irvine.
  • The rising star award went to Michael Robbie
  • Congratulations to Julie Irvine for also taking out our Inaugural Ladies Plate