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Classics for Concession C4C Scheme.
The Concession for Classics (C4C) scheme is a voluntary concession which is available to owners of eligible street rods and vehicles manufactured prior to 1990. The scheme is available from 16th April 2021.

The Porsche Club of Western Australia has been approved by the Department of Transport as a car club through which concessional licensing can be arranged. The club maintains a register of such vehicles and the Club Secretary manages this process.
The conditions of what is required of the Club and what individuals responsibilities are as a vehicle owner on the C4C scheme can be found at the Department of Transport Website.

A summary of the C4C scheme is extracted from the Department of Transport website below:

Please spare the time and make the effort to familiarise yourself with the documents on the website including the FAQs and Code of Conduct. As the owner of the vehicle, the onus is on you to ensure your vehicle remains compliant whilst concessionally licenced. This includes keeping an accurate record of the logbook and remaining a financial member of the club.


  1. Fill out the Concessions for Classics Scheme (Form E116), and ensuring that the Motoring Club declaration has fill out. The PCWA Secretary or President can sign off as an authorised officer of the approved club.
  2. After completing the Form E116 you can lodge it by email to, post or in person at a Driver and Vehicle Services (DVS) centre, DoT regional office or agent (this does not require any input from PCWA).

Once your application is approved
Once your application is approved, please email to ensure your details are entered into the PCWA register and Wildapricot. Please ensure you have the required descriptive plate identifiers on your car and provide your Registration number.
Logbooks Requirements
You will need to print a copy of the logbook and record the vehicle use prior to commencing each journey. Log books must be in the vehicle when driven and be produced on request to a Police Officer or other appropriately appointed person.
Please ensure you adhere to the C4C Code of Conduct. For more information see DoT website.
Logbook must be submitted to the Club Secretary at the end of EACH calendar year for auditing purposes (a scanned copy or high resolution/clear photograph of the logbook is sufficient).

Club Sanctioned Event
All PCWA Sanctioned Events are those that are available for registration on the Club’s Wildapricot website. These include our social runs, monthly club meetings, sporting series and other car club events where PCWA has involvement in. In general, PCWA does not sanction other car clubs’ events.

Plate Identifiers and Stickers
For C4C - you can print your own identifier sticker available at the DoT Concessional Licence website.

Note that Club Membership fees must be paid for concessional licences to remain valid - THERE IS NO GRACE PERIOD. 

You may also be entitled for driver’s licence refunds once you have changed to the concession status. Please see the DoT’s website on how to apply for the refund.

Relevant Documents

  1.  Concessions for Classics Scheme (Form E116)
  2.  Department of Transport – Frequently Asked Questions.
  3. DoT Website -Log book template, Code of Conduct & Identifier Labels